Service Industries Rebrands as Thomas Packaging LLC.

As of September 1, 2016, Sepha’s North America distributor, Service Industries, will change its name to Thomas Packaging LLC.  Since 1997 Service Industries, a premier supplier of pharmaceutical packaging parts and equipment, has been a subsidiary of Thomas Engineering, the well-known tablet coater and tablet press tooling manufacturer in Hoffman Estates, IL. Thomas Packaging focuses on solid dose pharmaceutical packaging lines including parts and machines for blister packaging and bottle filling and ancillary equipment like package leak testers and deblistering machines.. 

"At Thomas Packaging" says President Wesley Mancoff, "we are proud of our relationship with our parent company. Our underlying mission and values are the same. The new name focuses on that relationship and reflects our expertise and position in the pharmaceutical packaging market."

The company will begin using the new Thomas Packaging name and logo as of September 1, 2016 in all communications. The company is working on a new website at, which will be available on September 1. They will also be exhibiting at Pack Expo / Pharma Expo in Chicago, November 6-9 at booth number W-645 listed under the new Thomas Packaging name. 

Thomas Packaging offers blister packaging and bottle filling equipment parts and products. They offer products made in house at their Rolling Meadows facility and also are the exclusive distributor for their partners, Sepha Ltd from Northern Ireland, Mario A. Cricca from Argentina, Sky Softgel from South Korea, and Kirby Lester from the USA.

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