PressOut Semi-Automatic

Portable semi-automatic deblistering machines for recovering tablets and capsules from push-through blisters with in-line layout. Manual, wide and semi-automatic models also handle diagonal/offset layouts.


PressOut Semi-Automatic empties tablets and capsules from reject blister packs at a rate of up to 30 blisters per minute.

It handles small to medium batches of:

  • Push-through blisters

  • Linear formats

  • Multi-product blisters



  • Portable & flexible - can be adjusted quickly to suit any push-through blister pack

  • Fully cGMP and easily cleaned
  • Handles thermoform/alu as well as coldform/alu blisters

  • Easy to use - no specialist skills needed

  • Product recovered cleanly and hygienically

  • Ideal for small batches

  • Affordable


Pharmacy dispensing

Deblister bulk-supplied blisters for dispensing drugs into monitored dosage systems (MDS) tailored for individual patients in hospitals, nursing homes or other managed care facilities. Perfect for assisting with refilling cartridges in automated dispensing systems.

Clinical trials in laboratories

Deblister valuable clinical trial drugs from unused packs.

Quality control testing

Testing packaging material characteristics

Pharmaceutical production and packaging facilities

Empty finished blisters which have been rejected from the packaging line because of empty pockets, poor seals, incorrect batch coding etc. The good product can then be re-packaged to increase yield and reduce wastage costs.

Pharmaceutical distribution & inventory management

The same drugs are often supplied to different countries in blisters of different formats with the foil printed in local languages. Manage fluctuating market demands by deblistering surplus stocks of finished blister packs and re-packaging the contents in formats to suit the needs of other markets.


Flexible solution

  • PressOut Semi-Automatic is perfect for operations which need flexibility for lots of different blister push-through formats.

  • The patented mechanism is adjustable for many different push-though blister formats.

  • There is no need to purchase a different set of change parts for every different blister pack.

Prevent product damage

  • The patented roller and guide system gently eases product out of the pocket so that minimal pressure is exerted on the tablets.

  • The neoprene rollers come in different grades of hardness so that softer guide rollers can be used for more fragile products.

Prevent foil contamination

  • Foil remains attached to the waste blister pack during emptying

  • Waste blisters and recovered product are collected separately

No more painful fingers or RSI

Operators who deblister manually often suffer blisters on their fingers, Repetitive Strain Injury or Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Using a machine to deblister:

  • Improves Health & Safety by protecting staff from injury

  • Improves morale because staff no longer need to do such a mundane job by hand.

Portable deblistering wherever you need it!

  • This machine is light enough to be lifted and moved from bench to bench.

  • Does not need to be connected to an air supply.

More hygienic than manual emptying

  • Constructed in stainless steel and designed to cGMP standards for easy cleaning.

  • Recovered product does not need to be handled by operators.

Technical Specification

Blister type
Blisters layout
In-line and diagonal / offset layout
Machine construction
All product contact areas are constructed from stainless steel (Grade 316) and ABS Food Grade.
Maximum pack size
Width: 170mm (6.7”)
Length: Unlimted
Operating speed
Up to 30 blisters per minute
Power supplies
Single phase electricity 110/230V
Machine dimensions
355mm (W) x 360mm (L) x 240mm (H)
(14" x 14.2" x 9.4")
Machine Weight
18kg (40lbs)
Shipping Weight
28kg (61 lbs)
Approx tooling changeover
3 minutes