Tablet Deblistering Machine

A tablet deblistering machine can be a welcome solution to your staff when product like tablets or capsules need to be removed from their blister packs. Removing tablets or capsules by hand often is a tedious and slow process. It can cause injury to hands and fingers and the repetitive process can result in RSI syndrome.


When tablets or capsules are manually removed from blister packs, it is also key to ensure the product is not damaged or contaminated. To prevent injury, boost staff morale and to prevent damage or foil contamination to fragile or valuable product, a tablet deblistering machine could be the ideal solution.

We offer a range of manual, semi-automatic and automatic deblistering machines to safely recover product from all types of rejected blister packs including push-through, peelable and child resistant packs.

  • PressOut Manual Wide – Tablet deblistering machine
    The PressOut Manual Wide is an entry level machine. It’s a portable and flexible deblister bench top solution, ideal for deblistering of bulk-supplied blisters for dispensing drugs into monitored dosage systems (MDS) tailored for individual patients.
  • PressOut Semi-Automatic / PressOut Automatic
    The PressOut Semi-Automatic and PressOut Automatic are two automated deblistering machines. Driven by an electric motor, tablets and capsules are pushed out of the blister pack by rollers and separated from the packaging. The machines provide a deblistering rate of up to 30 packs (Semi-Automatic) and 60 packs (Automatic) per minute.
  • PressOut Universal / PressOut Universal Mini
    The PressOut Universal and PressOut Universal Mini include a sophisticated cutting technology that is suitable for all types of blister packs including curved formats, peelables and heavy gauge alu/alu or child-resistant blister packs. The machines provide a gentle operation where the foil around the pockets is partially cut before pressing-out the product. This minimises pressure on fragile or valuable products and prevents foil contamination as the foil remains attached to the waste blister pack during emptying.

Check our easy Deblistering Reference Guide to find out the different types of blister packs each machine can handle.

Our Products

Sepha deblistering machine PressOut Manual Wide

PressOut Manual Wide

PressOut Semi-Automatic

PressOut Semi-Automatic

Deblister machine Sepha PressOut Automatic

PressOut Automatic

Sepha Deblister machine PressOut Universal

PressOut Universal

Automatic deblistering machine Sepha PressOut Universal Mini

PressOut Universal Mini

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