Leak Testing

Blister Pack Leak Testing

We offer non-destructive blister pack leak testing solutions that enable you to determine the integrity of your pharmaceutical packaging. Our deterministic methods have been developed for use during stability studies to ensure your packaging is protecting your drug from moisture, humidity, or contamination. They can also be used at the line, to batch check blister packs for defects during production to ensure barrier protection and enhance shelf life.

Our machines can test multiple packs per cycle and the tool-less design makes them ideal for production lines running multiple products. The systems can be run in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

    • VisionScan
      The VisionScan uses a combination of imaging technology and differential pressure and can detect defects in individual blister pockets. Gross and micron holes as low as 7µm (pack dependent) can be detected within 10 seconds.
    • VisionScan Max
      The VisionScan Max is installed with an automated feed magazine, offering you the ability to automatically leak test blister packs at speeds of up to 8 packs per minute (pack and material dependent).
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