Seal Integrity Test Methods

Sepha offers different seal integrity test methods to test flexible packaging including non-porous pouches, sachets bags and stick packs containing powder or solid components. All solutions are tool-less, non-destructive and deterministic and can be run in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

Flexible Packaging
  • MediScan
    A table-top, package leak tester that can detect weak seals, channel leaks and holes down to 10ยตm. The system operates one test chamber to test 1 pack per test cycle.
  • PakScan
    A multi-product seal integrity tester that can test up to 10 packs simultaneously within 30 seconds.
  • Multi-Q
    The Multi-Q with flexible membrane uses innovative hybrid membrane technology and utilizes the ASTM F2338-09 vacuum decay standard test method to perform the test. The standard test area is 250x150mm, though custom sizes are available on request.

Our Products

Sepha Multi-Q Flexible Membrane

Multi-Q Flexible Membrane

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