Discover Non-Destructive, Deterministic Blister Leak Testing


If you are still using Blue Dye Methylene to leak test your pharmaceutical packs, you are throwing away valuable product whether the pack fails or not. The Sepha VisionScan is an innovative alternative test method that uses imaging technology to provide a deterministic and non-destructive solution to improve the accuracy of your blister leak test procedures.

All tested product can be returned to the production line and significant cost savings can be achieved. The machine includes software developed for manufacturers that need to comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11. The software enables safe interaction between the VisionScan, data reports and audit trails and protects reports from being edited or deleted.

Sepha VisionScan leak test solution for blister packs

Sepha will showcase the non-destructive and deterministic VisionScan at FCE Pharma in Sao Paulo from 21 – 23 May 2019 on the booth of its agent Almapal, #D021 in Hall D. Using a combination of differential pressure and imaging technology, the machine can detect leaks, weak seals and channel leaks as low as 7µm. The machine is easy to operate and does not require any additional tooling, making it the perfect solution to test blister packs in different sizes and formats. After placing a blister pack in the test chamber, a pass/fail result will be given within 6 seconds for micron holes and 10 seconds for gross holes.

To see how the VisionScan can help you improve the accuracy of your leak test procedures and reduce cost, visit us at the Almapal booth #D021 for a free demo. We look forward to seeing you in Sao Paulo!



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