All4Pack Paris 2022

All4Pack Paris 2022 All4Pack Paris 2022

We are excited to be joining agent ADMC on stand 5A/E-038 at All4Pack Paris 2022. The show that will take place from 21 – 24 November 2022, is the must-attend event for 66,000 professionals, interested in innovative and sustainable packaging solutions provided by 1100 exhibitors and brands.

This year, our latest innovations in Leak Testing and CCIT will be on display including the VisionScan 3D and Multi-Q HD. Both machines offer a non-destructive and deterministic alternative to blue dye methylene testing  in line with ASTM standard test methods and USP 1207.

  • VisionScan 3D
    The VisionScan 3D is a tool-less leak test solution developed to test the integrity of pharmaceutical blister packs. It uses 3D Leak Detection technology in combination with differential pressure and vacuum to detect leaks in individual blister pockets as low as 5μm (pack and material dependent). The new technology can be applied to all foil types, matt or gloss, and different text patterns can be tested with one test method, making it ideal for production lines with multiple language print variations. The machine utilizes the principle of vacuum deflection according to ASTM standard test method F3169-16 and gives a deterministic pass/fail result for each blister pocket. The method does not affect the integrity of the blister packs, allowing packs that have passed the test to be returned onto the production line.
  • Multi-Q HD
    The Multi-Q HD is a non-destructive CCIT solution developed for high-sensitive parenteral applications that have a lower Maximum Allowable Leakage Limit (MALL) and require a higher level of sensitivity to demonstrate CCI. The system offers a reliable and deterministic test solution to identify defects as low as 1 micron. The multi-functional Multi-Q operates in combination with different test methods including vacuum decay (ASTM F2338-09) and pressure decay to test vials, ampoules, bottles, pre-filled syringes, BFS strips and other containers. Depending on container type, container content and the leak rate sensitivity that needs to be achieved, our technical team will develop a method for vacuum decay testing your containers. Containers that cannot be tested using a vacuum decay test, including toxic product or oil-based liquids, can be set up for pressure decay testing.


To see how our range of innovative solutions and equipment can improve quality assurance procedures, reduce manufacturing costs and enable you to meet regulatory requirements visit us at All4Pack Paris 2022, stand 5A/E-038.

See you in Paris!