ScanPack Gothenburg 2018

ScanPack Gothenburg 2018 ScanPack Gothenburg 2018

Join Sepha at ScanPack from 23 – 26 October in Gothenburg, PPS booth B03:60. We will be showcasing our latest innovation, the Sepha Multi-Q, a non-destructive, multi-functional leak test solution for all rigid and flexible packaging. The all-in-one system provides the flexibility to switch between test attachment enabling users to test an array of containers in various shapes and sizes.

The Sepha Multi-Q is compatible with the following test methods: Flexible Membrane, Vacuum Decay, Pressure Decay, Ramp to Event, Ramp to Proof Pressure and Occlusion and provides quick, reliable and repeatable results enabling customers to improve the accuracy of their leak detection procedures and reduce cost as the method prevents the packaging from being damaged.

If  you’re interested to see a demo of our new machine or discuss any of your projects that require leak testing or small packaging solutions, stop by booth B03:60.