What are the main reasons for deblistering product from blister packs?

There are different reasons for deblistering tablets or capsules from blister packs. Pharmacies for example deblister blister packs for dispensing purposes, while for pharmaceutical manufacturers it is key to recover valuable product from rejected blister packs. We will discuss the most common reasons below.

  • Deblistering for Pharmacy dispensing
    Pharmacies need to deblister product of bulk-supplied blisters for dispensing drugs into monitored dosage systems (MDS) tailored for individual patients in hospitals, nursing homes or other managed care facilities. As manual deblistering can be time consuming and prone to injury, deblistering machines can help improve internal processes. Deblistering machines are also perfect for assisting with refilling cartridges in automated dispensing systems, as packs can be emptied at much higher rates compared to manual deblistering.
  • Clinical trials in laboratories
    Clinical trials often have unused packs containing valuable drugs. Deblistering enables safe recovery of the product. Also, competitive products need to be deblistered and repacked for use in double blinded clinical trial studies.
  • Stability Studies
    Blister packs that have been used for stability testing often need to be deblistered, especially if packs contain valuable or potent drugs.
  • Pharmaceutical production and packaging facilities
    Blister packs which have been rejected from the packaging line because of empty pockets, poor seals, incorrect batch coding etc. need to be empied. Deblistering enables the good product to be re-packaged to increase yield and reduce wastage costs. Fluctuating market demands can be managed easily by deblistering surplus stocks of finished blister packs and re-packaging the contents in formats to suit the needs of other markets.
  • Deblistering for waste disposal
    For reject blisters containing toxic product, there often is an expensive disposal process if the product is not separated from its packaging. Deblistering can help with safe recovery of the product and reduce disposal cost.

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