USP Chapter 1207 – CCIT Methods

USP Chapter 1207

USP Chapter 1207 – CCIT Methods

USP Chapter 1207 provides an overview of common CCIT tests and categorises them as being deterministic or probabilistic. The chapter states a preference for deterministic tests on the basis that they are non-invasive, produce repeatable and predictable results and are suited to 100% testing.

In our latest blog post ‘USP 1207 – Opening the CCIT Toolbox’ we give a summary of the different test methods cited in chapter 1207, including suitable applications and pros and cons of the different techniques including:

Probabilistic tests

  • Blue Dye Test
  • Bubble emission: ASTM D3078-02 (2013)
  • Microbial challenge by immersion
  • Tracer gas detection, sniffer mode: F2391 − 05 (2016)


Deterministic tests

  • Electrical conductivity and capacitance test (HVLD)
  • Headspace Gas Analysis
  • Vacuum decay: F2338-09 (2013)
  • Pressure decay
  • Tracer gas (vacuum mode): F2391 − 05 (2016)
  • Mass extraction: F3287 – 17e1

Read full blog below:
USP 1207 – Opening the CCIT Toolbox


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