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Download New White Paper Download New White Paper

Packaging integrity testing is an essential part of the packaging process, being driven by USP 1207 guidelines, cGMP and ASTM standards. A robust leak detection system can assure packaging integrity, greatly reducing the likelihood of recalls. While tradional, destructive methods including blue dye are still within guidelines, more companies are looking for alternative methods that can reduce cost and have less environmental impact in terms of waste (lost product, lost material and disposal cost).

Sepha VisionScan non-destructive blister leak tester

Dr Dorian Dixon, packaging specialist and senior lecturer in the School of Engineering at Ulster University, has published a new white paper that confirms the Sepha VisionScan is a non-destructive method to test the integrity of pharmaceutical blister packs. A stability study was conducted to test the hypothesis there is no significant increase in the moisture status of tablets inside a blister pack inspected by the VisionScan test method compared to blister packs in the control group.

> Download the white paper and learn how this new method does not impact the integrity of inspected blister packs, enabling you to reuse the products that passed the test.