Semi-Automatic deblistering machine

PressOut Semi-Automatic is a tool-less, portable, semi-automatic deblistering machine for recovering tablets and capsules from push-through blister packs.

PressOut Semi-Automatic

The Sepha PressOut Semi-Automatic is a small deblistering machine, developed for small batches of blister packs. It feeds individual blister packs through a set of rollers, driven by an electrical motor. Tablets and capsules are pushed out of the blister pack by the rollers and separated from the packaging. The machine offers a deblistering rate of up to 30 packs per minute and has a single set of adjustable tooling enabling a fast set up within 1 – 2 minutes.

  • Features

    • Portable & flexible – can be adjusted quickly to suit any push-through blister pack
    • Fully cGMP compliant and easily cleaned
    • Handles thermoform/alu as well as coldform/alu blisters
    • Easy to use – no specialist skills needed
    • Product recovered cleanly and hygienically
    • Ideal for small batches
    • Affordable
  • Technical Spec

    • Blister Type
    • Blisters Layout
      In-line and offset/diagonal layout (pack dependent)
    • Minimum Pack Size
      Width: 30mm
    • Maximum Pack Size
      Width: 170mm / Length: Unlimited / Height: 10mm
    • Operating Speed
      Up to 30 blisters per minute
    • Machine Operation
    • Machine Construction
      All product contact areas are constructed from stainless steel (Grade 316) and ABS Food Grade.
    • Tooling Changeover
      Approx 3 minutes
    • Utilities
      Single phase electricity 110/230V
    • Machine Dimensions
      320mm (L) x 320mm (W) x 240mm (H)
    • Machine Weight
    • Shipping Weight
    • Warranty
      Supplied with a 12-month warranty. (Extended warranties are available for additional support).
  • Benefits

    Flexible solution

    • The Sepha PressOut Semi-Automatic is perfect for operations which need flexibility for lots of different blister push-through formats.
    • The patented mechanism is adjustable for many different push-though blister formats.
    • There is no need to purchase a different set of change parts for every different blister pack.

    Prevent product damage

    • The patented roller and guide system gently eases product out of the pocket so that minimal pressure is exerted on the tablets.
    • The neoprene rollers come in different grades of hardness so that softer guide rollers can be used for more fragile products.

    Prevent foil contamination

    • Foil remains attached to the waste blister pack during emptying
    • Waste blisters and recovered product are collected separately

    Reduce injury

    • Operators who deblister manually often suffer blisters on their fingers, Repetitive Strain Injury or Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Using a machine to deblister:
      • Improves Health & Safety by protecting staff from injury
      • Improves morale because staff no longer need to do such a mundane job by hand.

    Portable deblistering wherever you need it!

    • This machine is light enough to be lifted and moved from bench to bench.
    • Does not need to be connected to an air supply.

    More hygienic than manual emptying

    • Constructed in stainless steel and designed to cGMP standards for easy cleaning.
    • Recovered product does not need to be handled by operators.
Deblister machine Sepha PressOut Automatic

PressOut Automatic

Sepha deblistering machine PressOut Manual Wide

PressOut Manual Wide

Sepha Deblister machine PressOut Universal

PressOut Universal

Automatic deblistering machine Sepha PressOut Universal Mini

PressOut Universal Mini

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