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Are you looking for a trusted pharmaceutical contract packaging partner?

With over 40 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, Sepha has a great understanding of the variety of packaging requirements and the role primary packaging plays in bringing new drugs to market. In line with our philosophy to ensure quality and safe products for patients and their families, we have partnered with hundreds of pharmaceutical companies across the globe. We understand their needs to ensure product security through package integrity and the importance of extended shelf life and speed-to-market. Their success is our success.

Flexible Production

Our dedicated packaging facility contains a range of blister packaging equipment that provides cost-effective, low volume batch runs of blister packs or medical device trays within short timelines. When developing new drugs and new packaging, flexibility is required to create small batches as and when required, independent of the availability of larger blister lines.

Our contract packaging services are ideal to create:

  • Small batches of blister packs to test different materials, designs or settings for stability studies.
  • Small batches of multiple formats for patient compliance testing.
  • Small batches for market research, product launches, brand & text experimentation, and customer feedback.
Sepha Contract Packaging Flexible Production
Sepha Contract Packaging CMO

CMO Partnerships

We also work in partnership with larger CMO’s. We understand that small requirements sometimes cannot be justified in terms of line clearance and changeover times. When small batches are difficult to schedule, our services can help to fulfil customer demand and maintain customer relationships.

Quick turnaround times
Our range of equipment allows us to meet the needs of our global customer base by offering a cost-effective solution to their packaging needs in a timely manner.

  • We offer short project turnarounds using expedited tooling. Our in-house blister & tooling design services allow for flexibility & prioritisation.
  • As low quantity projects use smaller machines, less time is required for line clearance, cleaning & tooling changeover.
  • Our leak detection & deblistering options ensure any defective blisters can be recycled, maximising yield & eliminating the need for additional product to be sent. 

Packaging, material & design expertise

Our 30+ years of design experience has helped our global pharmaceutical customers create or bring to market over one thousand types of blister formats & designs in a wide range of blistering materials and lidding foils for both commercial & research purposes.

  • Our experienced team of engineers are highly skilled in design and production of blister packs to ensure efficient and integral package design.
  • We have experience of working with various types of materials
  • Our team & equipment is capable of manufacturing blister packs from a wide variety of pharmaceutical blistering materials for both Cold-Forming & Thermo-Forming applications.
  • Our cavity designs along with pin & dye combinations ensure your product is housed correctly in the preferred material.
  • We ensure optimization of blister features for patient compliance, serialization, text & print.
  • We offer primary and secondary packaging services
  • We have the capability to package under modified atmospheric conditions (MAP)

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Sepha Contract Packaging Blister Pack Design

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