ASTM F3169-16 standard test method explained

ASTM F3169-16 is the Standard Test Method for Leak Detection in Blister Packaging by Vacuum Deflection Method by Laser Measurement.

ASTM F3169-16

The consensus has been developed and published by ASTM International. The organisation does not enforce compliance of its standards, though when referenced by external organisations, standards may become mandatory.

ASTM F3169-16

The ASTM F3169-16 vacuum deflection method is used for non-porous blister packs sealed with flexible lidding material.

These typically consist of thermoformed polymer or cold formed aluminium trays that contain tablets or capsules in individual blister pockets. The formed trays can be sealed with a polymer, foil, or paper lidding material.

Sepha has developed a patented 3D Leak Detection technology that is aligned with this ASTM test method. The VisionScan 3D is a non-destructive blister leak test solution that utilizes Vacuum Deflection and volumetric measurement to identify defects in individual blister pockets.

More information about Vacuum Deflection and Volumetric Measurement can be found under Vacuum Deflection.

More information about the Sepha VisionScan 3D and 3D Leak Detection can be found here: Sepha VisionScan 3D

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