Sepha offers the pharmaceutical packaging industry a range of non-destructive leak detection equipment used in a wide range of pharmaceutical blister packs, induction-sealed bottles, sachets, pouches and medical device packaging. It offers pharmaceutical manufacturers a flexible, reliable, objective, deterministic and cost saving alternative to destructive packaging test methods such as blue dye, as the test process is clean and dry, allowing product that has been tested to be recovered and returned to the production line.

The portfolio includes table top and stand-alone at line units providing tool-less designs, that are ideal for production lines running multiple products. The off-line range of leak testing products enables customers to improve the accuracy of their leak detection procedures and reduce cost.

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In addition to the packaging integrity range, we provide a comprehensive range of automatic, semi-automatic and manual deblistering machines that enable the safe recovery of valuable product from all types of rejected blister packs including push-through, peelable and child resistant packs. Our PressOut product range allows rapid changeover and minimum downtime with maximum hygiene and efficiency. The use of minimal pressure to extract tablets and capsules ensures that foil pieces do not detach from the blisters, preventing product damage during the deblistering process.

Deblistering enables the recovered product to be repackaged immediately, increasing production yields. It enables separation of active product from waste packaging before disposal, reducing waste disposal costs. Deblistering can also help to meet legislative requirements and minimising the impact of manufacturing processes on the environment.

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Sepha also offer a range of small scale, high quality blister packing machines and services that are ideal for R&D, product development, clinical trials, marketing samples and low volume production. The range of Sepha EZ solutions have been developed in response to global demand from major pharmaceutical, medical device and clinical trial laboratories for blister and medical device packing solutions that are flexible, adaptable and capable of handling complex pack designs at minimal cost.

The compact and easy to use machines are ideal for small batches of pharmaceutical, medical or nutraceutical products ranging from tablets and capsules to ampoules and medical devices. The range can handle all thermoform and cold-form materials and offers high quality packs for all requirements including child resistant/peelable blister packs, sachets and monitored unit dose packs.

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