Seamless Integration with Manufacturing Execution System

MESConnect software is specifically designed to enable your Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to capture, process, standardise and analyse data from your Sepha machines in real time.


This means you can enhance your factory operations, improve product quality, and ultimately increase production efficiencies for a better ROI. MESConnect replaces slow, error-prone paper-based processes with a seamless digital operation that offers a 2-way data flow between Sepha machines and the MES of pharmaceutical manufacturers.


Key features MESConnect

MESConnect offers a range of features designed to streamline and optimise your manufacturing processes including:

  • Configuring the product and batch on the machine
  • Real-time user login monitoring
  • Send and receive recipe parameters
  • Remote start and stop of tests
  • Barcode scanning allows tagging, tracking, and approving every sample tested
  • Detailed test results, including overall pass and fail data
  • Error tracking and reporting capabilities

MESConnect is compatible with any MES System that uses OPC UA including Werum PAS-X MES Suite, Rockwell Software PharmaSuite, Siemens Digital Industries Software and others.


Improving Efficiency and Streamlining Processes

With MESConnect, you can review batch data during production, identify bottlenecks by comparing efficiencies globally, and optimise batch sizes to ensure efficient production scheduling and resource allocation. All of this can help to increase machine efficiency and streamline processes.

Optimizing Output and Enhancing Quality Control

MESConnect can help Production Managers to optimise output and enhance quality control. Real-time monitoring and analysis of data ensure that problems can be identified and resolved quickly, improving product and package quality. The software allows for centralised recipe management, as recipes can be sent directly from the MES to individual machines. In addition, automated production alerts can be set up to notify of any deviations.

Preventing Defects and Reducing Downtime

Maintenance Managers can leverage MESConnect for predictive and reactive maintenance. It offers real-time error identification and can help in defect prevention by allowing automatic halting of production if too many products fail during leak testing. This can significantly reduce waste, scrap, overages, and re-work. MESConnect also provides predictive maintenance capabilities, identifying potential component failures before they occur and reducing unplanned downtime.

Meeting Regulatory Compliance

In the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, regulatory compliance is crucial, and data integrity is key to ensuring product quality and safety. MESConnect can help you to meet these data integrity requirements. It can facilitate real-time defect analysis, help automate documentation of quality control processes, and help ensure that quality records are accurate, up-to-date, and readily accessible for compliance audits and regulatory purposes.

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