EZ MedPak is a small scale medical and surgical device packaging machine.

The Sepha EZ MedPak is a compact, lab scale medical device packaging machine that has been designed specifically for the medical device market where sterility maintenance and barrier protection against microbial penetration is required.

EZ MedPak

The benchtop machine gives medical device manufacturers the flexibility and control to develop & produce complex, high quality packaging from a range of materials.

It enables R&D labs to design, create and manufacture product specific packaging in a lab environment, without the need to outsource package production. The unit is capable of handling most packaging and lidding materials such as PETG, aluminium, PVC, peelable, paper-backed and Tyvek. Our package design experts can design bespoke product tooling that enables clients to showcase their products to the maximum potential.

  • Features

    • Small blister packaging development unit designed to create bespoke packs for a wide range of medical & surgical devices
    • Can be customised to meet individual customer needs and specifications
    • Capable of handling a range of forming materials including PVC, PCTFE Laminates and PETG (tooling & material dependent)
    • Lidding options include aluminium, peelable and paper-backed foils and Tyvek
    • Ability to create multiple barrier solutions
    • Peel or push-through product access options
    • Full package design and development service available
    • Operating speed of approx. 200 cycles per hour for any single operation
    • Auto safety cut-off via light curtain
  • Technical Spec

    • Pack Type
    • Pack Dimensions
      Max. format area: 220mm x 120mm / Max. thermoform depth: 25mm / Max. coldform depth: 12mm (Dependent on material type and cavity profile)
    • Operation
    • Construction
      Stainless Steel (Grade 304)
    • User Interface
      Touchscreen HMI, Hand operated regulators, Push buttons
    • Controls
      Temperature: 0 – 200°C settable ±1 °C / Pressure: 0.2 – 0.6 MPa (Force: 6.3 – 18.8 kN) / Timers: 0 – 99.9 sec settable ±0.1 sec / Counter: 0 – 9999 cycles
    • Utilities
      Electrical: Min. 110V Single phase, 15A / Min. 230V Single phase, 6.5A / Air: Min. 250L/min at 0.6Mpa [ISO8573-1:2010 CLASS 2]
    • Operating Speed
      Approx. 200 cycles per hour for any single operation
    • Tooling Changeover
      2-3 minutes
    • Tooling Warm-up
      Approx. 10-15 minutes
    • Machine Dimensions
      715mm (L) x 670mm (W) X 555mm (H)
    • Weight
      Machine: 145kg / Tooling: 20kg / Shipping: 215kg (inc. tooling)
    • Warranty
      Supplied with a 12-month warranty. (Extended warranties are available for additional support).
  • Application

    Applications include:

    • Pre-filled syringes
    • Diagnostic devices
    • Surgical stents
    • Inhalation devices
    • Dental implants
    • Medical tray kits
  • Benefits

    More control for R&D labs

    • Bring your blister packing in-house instead of booking time on production lines or outsourcing to a third party – minimises delays, allowing your new drug product to get to market sooner
    • Every day saved in the R&D lab is a day of extra profits in the marketplace

    Flexible pack design

    • Blister pack using a variety of materials, novel shapes, sizes or perforations – allows the full range of possibilities to be explored for pack development in the R&D lab
    • Offers increased flexibility to contract packers

    High quality blisters

    • Reproducible, production quality packaging
    • Fast & easy set-up – no specialist knowledge is required to operate the Sepha EZ MedPak so there is no need for an engineer to be present

    Compact, portable design

    Table top design for convenient blister packaging

    Reduce R&D time

    • Sepha can design your new blister packs. This is especially useful for customers who conduct clinical trials. We can advise them how to rationalise the number of different tools needed, even if the lab needs to package many different products
    • Fast turnaround to tool-up for new products – 2-3 weeks for thermoform and cold-form tooling, faster than outsourcing small batches to a contract packer

    More economical for batches up to 20,000 units 

    • Fully cGMP compliant, so it is quick to clean – requires 5 minutes
    • Fast 2-minute changeover – reduces down-time between production batches

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