Blister Packaging Solutions

We offer a range of small packaging solutions, developed to create small batches of pharmaceutical blister packs. These can be the perfect solution when creating blister packs for clinical trials, stability studies, marketing purposed or specialised drugs requiring low volumes.

Packaging Solutions
  • EZ Blister
    A tabletop packaging machine offering a 3 step process including forming, sealing and cutting
  • EZ Blister+
    A 21 CFR Part 11 compliant blister pack machine for pharmaceutical companies that require low volumes of high-quality blister packs
  • EZ Blister MAP
    A small packaging machine with added Modified Atmospheric Packaging options to purge blister packs with gas
  • EZ Blister AutoFeed
    A small 3-step packaging device with automated material feed and reel tensioning technology
  • EZ MedPak
    A small medical device packaging machine enabling customers to design, create and manufacture product specific packaging in a lab environment

Our Products

Sepha EZ Blister table top blister packaging machine

EZ Blister

Sepha blister pack machine

EZ Blister+

Sepha EZ Blister AutoFeed small blister pack machine

EZ Blister AutoFeed

Sepha EZ Blister MAP modified atmospheric packaging

EZ Blister MAP

Sepha EZ Blister MedPak medical device packaging

EZ MedPak

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