Sepha to showcase non-destructive leak detection machines at CIPM China

Sepha to showcase non-destructive leak detection machines at CIPM China Sepha to showcase non-destructive leak detection machines at CIPM China

Discover our non-destructive leak detection machines at CIPM China!  Sepha will be joining agent Rieckermann at the spring edition of CIPM taking place in Shangsha from 17 – 19th April 2019. On show will be the Sepha VisionScan and Sepha Multi-Q, two non-destructive and deterministic leak test machines, developed to identify leaks in a range of pharmaceutical packaging.

The Sepha Multi-Q is the latest innovation that has been added to Sepha’s growing portfolio of specialist Non-destructive Leak Detection solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. The small Container Closure Integrity (CCI) test machine comprises a base unit that can be used in combination with different testing methods and offers an all-in-one solution to test the integrity of all types of containers including sachets, pouches, bags, bottles, vials, ampoules, pre-filled syringes, trays, medical devices and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

The testing methods compatible with the Sepha Multi-Q include a Flexible Membrane, Vacuum Decay, Pressure Decay, Ramp to Event, Ramp to Proof Pressure and Occlusion. These non-destructive and deterministic test methods provide quick, reliable and repeatable results enabling customers to improve the accuracy of their leak detection procedures and reduce cost as the method prevents the packaging from being damaged. Read more about the Sepha Multi-Q

The Sepha VisionScan is a tool-less, non-destructive leak detection device that can detect micron holes in blister packaging as low as 7 micron in 10 seconds and macro holes in 7 seconds. It uses a combination of imaging technology and differential pressure to detect leaks in individual blister pockets. The flexible and deterministic machine offers a reliable and cost saving alternative to blue dye testing methods, as the testing process is clean and dry, enabling product to be returned to the production line. Read more about the Sepha VisionScan.

To see a demo of the machines, visit us at the Rieckermann stand W1 – 56 at CIPM China

We look forward to seeing you in Changsha!


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