New video – How do you test for leaks in blister packaging?

New video – How do you test for leaks in blister packaging? New video – How do you test for leaks in blister packaging?

Step inside the VisionScan 3D with our brand new animated video. The video takes you inside the machine and provides a detailed view of our innovative blister leak detection system. It details how the VisionScan 3D utilises Vacuum Deflection technology to detect leaks as small as 5μm with precise accuracy.

Known for its accuracy and effectiveness, the VisionScan 3D is transforming the pharmaceutical industry providing a cost saving alternative to destructive blue dye ingress testing. The video offers viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how the system operates, including its capability to identify both large holes and micron defects in blister packs, vital for maintaining the safety of pharmaceutical products.

Accurate blister leak detection

The video explains how the VisionScan 3D works when a vacuum is applied to blister packs. It demonstrates that cavities with large holes do not cause the foil to move, unlike cavities without holes or with very small holes where foil movement is visible. This method, aligned with the ASTM F3169-16 Vacuum Deflection standard, provides precise outcomes, enhancing the efficiency of blister leak detection.

“We are excited to share this video with our customers and the pharmaceutical industry,” stated Claire Miskelly, Head of Sales. “It highlights the advanced features of the VisionScan 3D and underscores our commitment to innovation and ensuring product safety and integrity.”

Watch Vacuum Deflection video

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