Sepha introduces MESConnect: seamless software integration with MES

Sepha introduces MESConnect: seamless software integration with MES Sepha introduces MESConnect: seamless software integration with MES

We are excited to announce the launch of our new machine software – MESConnect. Designed for factory MES (Manufacturing Execution System) integration, the software transforms the way manufacturers control, monitor, and document their processes, replacing slow, error-prone paper-based systems.

MESConnect enables a seamless two-way data flow between Sepha machines and MES, providing real-time data capture, processing, and analysis that empowers manufacturers to enhance factory operations, product quality, and production efficiencies. “With MESConnect, we’re breaking new ground in industry 4.0 automation and digitisation technologies,” said Philip Cooper, Head of Technology and New Product Development. “We’re helping manufacturers meet stricter regulatory challenges and fulfil data integrity requirements in an increasingly complex landscape.”

Features of MESConnect include the ability to set the product and batch on the machine, see who is logged in at all times, remotely start and stop a test, tag, track and approve every sample tested with barcode scanning, track all errors, and much more. All test results, from overall pass and fail to the detailed result of each sample, are readily available, providing comprehensive insight and enhancement of quality control.

In the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector where regulatory compliance and data integrity are paramount, MESConnect is a game-changer. It not only can help ensure product quality and safety but also can help optimise output, increase efficiency, and streamline processes. Moreover, MESConnect is versatile and can integrate with any MES that uses OPC UA including Werum PAS-X MES Suite, Rockwell PharmaSuite® and others.

The software is designed to benefit various departments within the manufacturing industry. For Production Managers, the real-time data analysis and digitized processes can help identify and resolve problems sooner, minimize human error, optimize processes, and increase machine efficiency. Quality Managers can leverage MESConnect to facilitate real-time defect analysis, automate documentation of quality control processes, and improve traceability. Maintenance Managers can use MESConnect for predictive and reactive maintenance, reducing downtime and enabling remote monitoring and diagnostics.

“We’re excited to bring MESConnect to the market. It’s a solution that truly aligns with Sepha’s commitment to innovation, quality, and efficiency,” added Claire Miskelly, Head of Sales. “With MESConnect, we’re not just providing a product; we’re enabling a digital transformation that will redefine the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing.”

For more information, please visit the MESConnect page or get in touch on +44(0)28 9048 4848.