Sepha partners with Atecna in Portugal

Sepha partners with Atecna in Portugal Sepha partners with Atecna in Portugal

We are pleased to announce Avanco Tecnica (Atecna) as our new agent for the Portuguese market. Led by Mr. Pedro Marcos, Atecna will take on our full range of specialized equipment consisting of our non-destructive leak testing, deblistering and small batch packaging solutions.

Mr. Marcos has over 30 years’ experience working in the Pharmaceutical and Food industries. Atecna is an established brand in Portugal that has long-standing experience in providing high-spec equipment and solutions, while building strong relationships with both manufacturers and end-users.

Mr. Marcos adds: ‘We are excited to add Sepha to our network of suppliers. Quality Control and overall Product Improvement are key to our customers. Process-related control and improvement awareness have had a major role in reducing product loss and gaining higher production yields. The range of Sepha’s Packaging Integrity solutions is a great addition to our current offering as it enables us to provide a much wider range of Quality Control solutions to our customers’.

‘It is great to have Atecna on board’, adds Paul Smith, Managing Director Sepha. ‘Atecna have a vast experience working with pharmaceutical companies in Portugal. Their commitment to delivering the right solution and level of service sets them apart. Our solutions are a perfect fit to their existing portfolio like Fette and Charles Ischi. We are excited to start building a long-term relationship, supplying Portuguese Pharmaceutical companies, and helping them improve their Quality Control processes.’


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