SEPHA (Hall 3.1, Stand C70), the global supplier of innovative, specialised equipment for use in the manufacture of pharmaceutical blister packs, medical devices and healthcare products, will change the way pharmaceutical manufacturers think about their leak detection procedures at Achema 2018 (11 – 15th June) in Frankfurt, Germany. The company will showcase a selection of their leak testing, deblistering and packaging solutions, with the VisionScan taking centre stage.

Sepha will demonstrate how the VisionScan can help pharmaceutical manufacturers improve the accuracy of their leak testing methods and achieve significant cost savings. The company will also showcase the key features and benefits of its PressOut deblistering and EZ packaging ranges. Counting the cost of blue dye testing Visitors to the stand will see how Sepha’s range of non-destructive, deterministic leak testing systems are specially designed to rapidly test for leaks in a wide variety of pharmaceutical packaging without damaging any product. Whether you are a pharma packaging or pharmaceutical manufacturer of blister packs, induction sealed bottles, sachets, pouches or medical devices, you

need to be able to count on the accuracy of your leak detection procedures to minimise recalls and reduce the associated costs. Unlike the industry standard destructive test methods like Blue Dye Methylene, Sepha’s testing methods are non-destructive, allowing product that has been tested to be returned to the production line.

Products on show include:

VisionScan – a non-destructive, tool-less leak detection device for pharmaceutical blister packs. Using the latest camera imaging technology in combination with differential pressure, the machine can detect leaks in individual blister pockets as low as 7 micron.

VisionScan Max – an objective, non-destructive blister pack leak tester with automated feed magazine. Tool-less machine with high throughput of up to 8 packs per minute.

PakScan – a non-destructive multi-product leak detection device for pouches, sachets, small medical devices and other flexible packs. It can test up to 6 packs simultaneously and detect leaks down to 10 micron.

Deblistering Solutions

In addition to the packaging leak testing range, Sepha will also have a range of automatic and semi-automatic deblistering machines on show that enable the safe recovery of valuable product from all types of rejected blister packs including push-through, peelable and child resistant packs:

PressOut Universal – a high speed, fully automated deblistering machine with sophisticated cutting technology. Can deblister up to 50 packs per minute and is ideal for recovering high value, fragile tablets and capsules from all types of blister pack material, including Alu/Alu, child resistant and peelable packs.

PressOut Universal Mini – a bench top, automated, deblistering machine designed specifically for recovering low volumes of valuable tablets and capsules from rejected peelable and child resistant blisterpacks. Deblisters at a speed of up to 16 packs per minute.

PressOut Semi-Automatic – a high-speed deblistering machine with automated feed that’s ideal for recovering tablets and capsules from push through and multi-product blister packs with in-line and diagonal/offset layouts. Can deblister up to 60 packs per minute.

Small batch Low Volume Packaging Solutions The stand will be completed with the EZ Blister Autofeed, a low volume, lab-scale blister packaging machine with material autofeed. The machine requires minimum operator input and is ideal for pharmaceutical facilities requiring low-volume packaging solutions of tablets, capsules, ampoules and sachets.

To see how our range of innovative solutions and equipment can improve quality assurance procedures, reduce manufacturing costs and enable you to meet regulatory requirements visit us at Achema, Hall 3.1, Stand C70.

We look forward to meeting you!